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Monday, October 12, 2009

Federal Court Dismisses Sexual Harassment Suit Against City

According to The Capital, the suit brought by city employee Ruby Singleton Blakeney was dismissed because she filed beyond the deadline. Hello! Capital Punishment reported that it was filed late-and in unusual circumstances almost a year ago.  From today's article:

We never got to the point we had to answer the merits," Kling said, noting that his office realized the entire lawsuit was moot when they found Blakeney didn't file within the statute of limitations.

Hey--Mr. City Attorney Kling, I'll bet you never figured that out until you read my post about it-eh?

I thought it was odd that Blakeney did not file it on time and the manner in which it was filed. If something is that extremely important....well, of course Kling has experience with not filing important papers on time, so what the heck. We are all late or beyond deadline on something, but filing a federal lawsuit???

Here is what CP wrote last December:

The federal complaint, which was hand-written, was stamped "At Baltimore Clerk US District Court District of Maryland, Night Drop Box" on Nov. 04. That would appear to be just after the deadline stated in a "Notice of Right to Sue Within 90 Day" letter sent by certified mail on July 31, 2008 to Blakeney by the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. Blakeney apparently either waited until the last minute or actually missed the deadline, even though her complaint with Maryland was filed almost one year prior.

I remember some people asking me at the time--what's the big deal? So it was hand-written? So it was delivered in a night drop box? So it was late?   Hmmmmm.

See my post of December 21 here: www.annapoliscapitalpunishment.blogspot.com/2008/12/minority-business-officer-sues-city-for.html

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