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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making Sense of The Election...and Who Won Our Reader's Contest?

Congratulations to Josh Cohen and all the other victorious candidates--Dick Israel, Fred Paone, Classie Hoyle, Sheila Finlayson, Mat Silverman, Kenny Kirby, Ian Pfeiffer  and Ross Arnett. They have a big job and a tough job ahead.  We should all wish them well and pledge our support as citizen-activists to help them be as successful as they can be in representing our collective interests as citizens. It's now time to turn our attention away from politics and hopefully toward governance--which hopefully will be devoid of politics, but that would be really idealistic and naive to believe on my part....but hey, I can imagine it, can I not?

Hear this morning's On The Foerfront show on WNAV at and for the real political junkies out there, you can hear last night's live coverage and two interviews with media and political scientists as soon as that gets posted on WNAV--and I'll let you know.

My regular The Ninth Ward column in The Capital will be appearing Thursday instead of Wednesday due to the election.

We had nine readers send in their fairly detailed predictions and Yes, we have a winner who will receive a ten dollar gift certificate to Zu Coffee--which I hope they'll use to invite me to enjoy with them--perhaps at tomorrow morning's Sip N' Blog where we hope to feature Josh Cohen (not yet confirmed...). So watch here to see who our winner is...I have to calculate the numbers and notify the winner (or winners), so hang tight...  I guess by now you have seen the predictions I posted last night....I'll go over them soon as well...

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