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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Mysterious Flyers Appear on City Streets

The group calling itself Friends of Black Annapolitans (FOBA) has again produced and distributed political literature although the group has always remained a mystery. This time it claims to be endorsing Josh Cohen in concert with former candidate Zina Pierre and the residents advisory boards of the Annapolis Housing Authority Communities (I thought the proper term is Housing Authority of City of Annapolis). The authority line for Cohen for Mayor along with the union label (often meaning in local campaigns that it was printed at Free State Press) appears at the bottom. I am trying to confirm with the Cohen campaign if it has created this flyer which was provided to me by a citizen who picked it up at the HACA properties on Bowman Court. The flyer says it is providing free rides to the polls and provides the number 443-716-6976 for information.

Buses and vans from traditionally Black churches were seen arriving at the polls on election day.

FOBA produced and gave out literature during the primary campaign supporting Zina Pierre, but there was no authority line and apparently, no group authorized to work in the city as a political group under that name. One of its flyers also offered free rides to the polls with the same phone number. If Cohen's campaign is indeed working with this group, it should make the mission and membership of that group known to the voters. I tried to contact the campaign but did not receive an answer.

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