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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's "The Ninth Ward" Concerns Budget Priorities for Mayor-Elect Cohen

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Mark said...

Listening to your comments this morning one wonders which of the 18 city departments you’d suggest doing away with. My choice would be the Department of Economic Affairs. I also wonder if you could point out which of these departments was created by Mayor Moyer so she could install a friend in a cozy six figure job?

Paul Foer said...

Moyer created Economic Affairs and DNEP and installed close friends to run them. Her administration is filled with cronies in unnecessary jobs without any accountability. The list is long. It does no good to name names. It will be up to Mayor-elect Cohen to decide what to do. Please send me an email identifying yourself. thank you

Anonymous said...

Didn't Moyer also create the Department of Youth and Community affairs?

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

Is it an actual "department"? It's the fiefdom of Tony Spencer who also draws a firefighter's pension and worked in Moyer's campaign and in Cohen's campaigns and I have not seen much of value come out of that office in eight years, but he gets his 60+k per year job. Visit the page on the city's web-site and try to find the value...Mr. Spencer serves on committees, go to meetings and shows up at a lot of events to stand in for the mayor...

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