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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Ellen Show...No Not Ellen DeGeneres, But Boss Ellen O.

In case you did not know, we have our own television program, COATV or City of Annapolis TV. Yep. We the people pay for it and guess who is the executive producer? Why it's Ellen O. Moyer. This is why we need three or four or how many public information officers do we have? It's not that the concept of a city-owned broadcasting outfit is so bad, it's just that we keep spending ourselves further and further into holes because Ellen gets a bug in her butt and then spends our money to hire people at our expense to do things at our expense to tell us about how great she is--No wonder the shows are heavy on planting trees and adopting pets or other such things, green and furry things.  And we do this in addition to the $80,000 per year we spend on Ellen's quarterly magazine that also exists to tell us about how great is Ellen.

It gets worse. Remember the thousands she spent of our money to send a few folks to go to Europe to get an award? She then spent another $1400 to place an insert into the Pennysaver to tell us more about how great she is--and it got a plus in the quarterly magazine as well--even though City Hall told me they did the insert because it was too late to get into the magazine...go figure.

So, how many does it take to make a tv show? Well, there is Ellen as executive producer, Rhonda Wardlaw as producer, Cynthia Howie as production coordinator, Chuck Duncan director/graphics and Bruce Abercrombie, Chuck Duncan, Zachary Earnest and Joe Skarwecki for videography and editing. Seems like a lot for such a small town with so many unresolved issues of its own. But it's what Ellen wants and what Ellen gets.

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