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Monday, November 2, 2009

Who Are The Real Racists in Annapolis? County Democratic Chair Steps Up to Condemn Hate Literature...and the others???

A radio advertisement being aired now says the Democratic Party supports equal rights. It also says "Josh Cohen and the Democratic Council candidates have the experience to deliver good government."

Ummm. Okay. And I have some real estate in Florida to sell you...it's a bit wet at times, but...

Yes, the Democrats have been the party of inclusion and of equal rights much more so than the Republican Party. It is one of the many reasons I have been a proud Democrat, but some of the things my party is doing now are disgusting. As if giving Chuck Weikel a green light to carry on his hate mongering and divisiveness were not enough, let us also consider the divisive and race-bating postcard sent out by Josh Cohen a few days ago. I posted a piece about it here on CP.
They looked the other way while Democratic candidate Trudy McFall got viciously trashed. I believe, strongly believe, but cannot clearly prove, that Democratic leaders knew of Zina Pierre's troubled background, but kept silent about it--until she won--and then spread the information in order to do what they felt had to be done. Yes I played a role in amplifying that information, because it was important and newsworthy, but had I known anything about it prior to the election, it would have been equally as newsworthy. But I knew nothing about it until after the election--and I covered Pierre's candidacy which I took very seriously--in fact, my column about her in May for The Capital clearly said she was a very strong contender for the nomination. And as I have clearly documented here at CP, her questionable information became widely known in the days following the election before it was provided to me--and it was public information in the first place.

Democrats are currently supporting a man who is perhaps the least qualified and least transparent of any candidate ever to run for city council. While they send him money, that candidate has not raised a penny in his own ward. They seem to do nothing to attract and support qualified candidates of any stripe, but they'll give money and support to a Black candidate in a gerrymandered ward just to get another warm-bodied, Democrat on council. He is being managed and fully supported by Chuck Weikel.

Democrats are now pulling out the stops to support Classie Hoyle, who has refused to debate or appear publicly with her opponent, who has refused to be a featured guest at our popular Sip N' Blogs, who has refused to respond to this blogger and Democrats support her wholeheartedly...even though a few years ago, when Democrat Josh Cohen ran for County Council, Hoyle showed up at a Democratic event, in Cohen's home ward during an event for Democrats and came with Cohen's Republican opponent to show her support for her. That candidate was a Black woman named Renee Swafford whose own record clearly showed the she rarely if ever even showed up to vote--because she was too busy. She was not too busy to ask us for her vote, but was too busy to vote in local elections...and Hoyle supported her--outside of party lines. Why? One can only speculate. I guess all is eventually forgiven if you come back to the fold and Hoyle has been forgiven, but proved it's okay to support someone solely on their skin color.

Below you will see a piece of trash being anonymously distributed in Ward Three where incumbent Alderwoman Classie Hoyle is running against Republican Scott Bowling, who is openly Gay and in a committed relationship. The outright racist and homophobic invective in this trash is disgusting. But who is behind it? Who supports it? Who allows it to go on?

On Sunday, Governor O'Malley, Lt Governor Brown, Speaker Busch and Josh Cohen showed up at Mt. Olive Church to throw their support for Ms. Hoyle. Whoa! One candidate in one ward of one small city and all this firepower...mixing church and state in a show of partisan support!! I understand that in the past, Black churches and their leaders were about the only place where Blacks could gather to exercise political power. Yes, it's a strong and important tradition in the Civil Rights movement that must be respected in its historical context, but it's 2009. Can we end that already?

So, in Ward Three, Speaker Busch's ward, he shows up to stump for Hoyle. Yep. That was Zina Pierre's ward and we know what happened so now we need to get all the big powers here to show that they really do mean to be inclusionary. Then what happens? The racist and homophobic literature you are about to see. While it would be inappropriate to hold Democratic leaders responsible for this trash, it is important, indeed INCUMBENT upon them to immediately and unequivocally condemn this racist and homophobic hate. Alderwoman Hoyle needs to stand up and say this is wrong.

Click here to see the document.


Here is the text of the letter I sent to Governor O'Malley today. I also called his deputy press secretary. I also sent a similar letter to other Democratic leaders and Alderwoman Hoyle asking that they immediately condemn this racist and homophobic literature. We do not know where or how this originated, but many activists have strong ideas and suspicions. I doubt if it was condoned by Democratic leaders, but many speculate that it was. Some speculate money for producing and distributing this has filtered down through channels, but who knows? One of the persons specifically pointed to as engaging in campaign field activities told me ,"I can't talk because Speaker Busch put the hush on me."

The issue now is whether or not Democratic leaders will condemn this AND DO SO TODAY!

I wrote to Josh Cohen and this was his response:

Josh Cohen strongly condemns this offensive flyer. It has absolutely no place in our political discourse.

Kathy Nieberding

Campaign Manager, Cohen for Mayor
It is easy to say you condemn something after being asked by a journalist, but what will Democratic candidate Josh Cohen do publicly and openly do to condemn this along with his Democratic leaders?  Will he get Alderwoman Hoyle to join with him? Did his recent race-based postcard appear to give a green-light to others to engage in their own brand of race-based politicking? There is not much time left for Cohen and Democratic leaders to act.

Ward Three is House Speaker Mike Busch's ward. The Speaker is possibly in political jeopardy this coming election. He is possibly using his offices to raise money for Cohen-and Cohen has gotten huge amounts of money.

It was Zina Pierre's ward.

Classie Hoyle recently made a public statement that "We used to have the KK and hoses. Now we have bloggers." NO Democratic leader condemned her despite my requests here for them to do so. I appealed to Cohen and Busch.  Hoyle refused to clarify her comments or respond to me.

This not the first time that race-baiting literature from mysterious groups has surfaced. No Democratic leader has condemned this.

This is the email I sent to the Governor following  a discussion this morning with his deputy press secretary:
Attached is a copy of the literature being distributed in Ward Three immediately following or concurrent with the Governor's visit to endorse Democratic incumbent Alderwoman Classie Hoyle yesterday.

As the deputy press secretary to Governor O'Malley, can you please explain why the Governor felt it was appropriate to come to Annapolis to promote one candidate in one particular ward?

Does an appearance at a church, in an obvious show of partisan politics, in order to endorse or show support for a candidate, not call into question the violation of church-state separation?

I am also hoping that he will review and quickly and unequivocally condemn this racist and homophobic, anonymous hate literature as being in violation of the inclusionary values of The Democratic Party. As the election is tomorrow, this is of course, of immediate importance.  Thank you.
So, I ask, who are the real racists in Annapolis? We cannot have it both ways. We cannot have it either way. Racism, bigotry, ethnic hatred, and homophobia are wrong in any form and at any level.  Who else will speak up?  Governor O'Malley? Speaker Busch? Alderwoman Hoyle? Josh Cohen? ADCC Chair Nick Berry? Or how about the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Carl Snowden?  How much city money has gone to Mt. Olive Church? And who will investigate Mt. Olive Church's 501 C3 status?

Who will speak up and say NO to all these forms of hatred?

To listen to my comments about this on WNAV this morning, listen to:
The funny thing is that you'll also get an extra treat--the Democrats advertisement!

The below was just sent to me by AA County Democratic Central Committee Chairperson Kory Blake and I appreciate his speedy reply._______________________________


I was shocked to see your email this morning detailing a flyer by an anonymous group targeting Scott Bowling, a Republican.  While I have not seen this flyer, the Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee strongly condemns this activity. 

The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion.  In the message from the Chair on our website, http://www.annearundeldems.org/, we outline the fundamental ideals of our party.  It states We Democrats in Anne Arundel County have a long history of hard work and support for the values that make this county and this nation great. We are Democrats because we believe everyone deserves a chance. We believe we have an obligation to help those less fortunate. We believe that all people are equal, regardless of race, sexual preference or income. This means we also believe in tolerance and a diverse society. We are Democrats because we hold sacred the freedom of the media and the right not to be spied on by our own government. We believe in separation of church and state, in the availability of a quality education, the right to organize in the workplace, the right of women to choose, a living minimum wage, health care for everyone, and a healthy planet. Democrats believe in abiding by the rule of law and the Constitution of these United States.”

The Democratic Party stands united behind our candidates for Mayor and.  We are very proud of Classie Hoyle because she represents the best interests of the residents of her ward, and will continue to be a fierce advocate for them at city hall. 

The types of personal attacks by anonymous groups that are evident in this flyer are contrary to the ideals of the Democratic Party and they have no room in the political discourse in Annapolis.


Kory Blake
Chairman, Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee __________________________

From The Annapolis Democratic Central Committee, this is what its Chairperson Nick Berry had to say:

I personally talked to Scott yesterday condemning such a smear.
Nick Berry
Chair, ADCC

To which I replied:


That's it? You personally talked to him? Nick, when will you exercise some leadership? Some backbone? When will you take a stand? Am I missing something or do you feel this is all that is needed? Another Democrat was attacked as well. Do you not feel that by having Democratic leaders show up in that ward the same day this happens and to say nothing does not send a signal that it is acceptable?

What would you do if the shoe were on the other foot, so to speak-if it happened in a similar manner but was directed toward a Democrat?

Does the local Democratic Party condone homophobia or race-based voting? I am hoping you will send a clear, united and strong message, or it will appear that the party leaders are going to let it happen--and happen again. This is of course all on the record and I am hoping we can get a strong condemnation, as was provided by Kory Blake.

Thank you.

Paul Foer

Well, I had the backbone to condemn the smear personally to Scott, saying the ADCC had nothing to do with it. Democrats, as you very well know, have been in the forefront in opposing hate speech in all its forms and we will continue to do so.

Nick--If indeed Democrats are in the forefront of opposing hate speech, let's see you oppose this instead of just saying you oppose it!

 Better Late Than Never!!!!!
News Release
November 3, 2009, Noon
Immediate release
I am joined by all members of the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee in condemning a smear against Scott Bowling, a Republican candidate for alderman in Ward 3. The charges against him are bigoted and reprehensible. If the perpetrator is found, and we will make a maximum effort to find the person or persons responsible, we will take action to see that such a voice never speaks for Democrats ever again.
Nick Berry
Chair, ADCC

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Anonymous said...

It's almost impossible to read the document. Could you please make it larger?

Paul Foer said...

Yes--I am working on it... thank you

tlh said...

could you please show, specifically, that this piece was "sent out by Josh Cohen" as you repeatedly claim?

Paul Foer said...

Which piece? Cohen sent out a postcard with the Presidents photo on it. That is not what this piece is about. Psease elaborate.

triandos4 said...

I've been involved in elections w/Warren Duckett and Frank Weathersbee since the mid 70's and this is the worst piece of garbage I've ever scene. While I can't imagine that she is behind this c#*p in any way, I must admit that at this point, Ald. Hoyle's silence is deafening. Where is her condemnation of this? Can we expect it after the election perhaps? VERY disappointing.

Ellis T, Clay St said...

The flyer in question contains some of the most disturbing, racist, homophobic crap I have ever read.

Paul Foer said...

Thank you--that last email triandos4 was from ALderman Fred Paone

Paul Foer said...

Yes it was disturbing and we will learn of its effects tonight..last I heard, Alderwoman Hoyle had said nothing to FoxNews or to The Capital--and certainly not to me, as she never responds to me...

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