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Monday, November 2, 2009

Candidate Scott Bowling Calls on Maryland and US Attorneys General To Investigate Voting Rights Act Violation in Ward Three

(The below is a statement just released by Republican Aldermanic Candidate Scott Bowling in Ward Three. The Voting Rights Act is supposed to protect every American citizen's right to vote and was a cornerstone of civil rights legislation passed in the 1960's. For the context of this statement released today, please see my post published just prior to this post.)

With less than 48 hours to go before the polls open, an anonymous and illegal flyer is being distributed in Ward 3.  The flyer is filled with hatred and bigotry intended to motivate the historically African-American communities within Parole to vote for Democrats Josh Cohen and Classie Hoyle.

Scott Bowling, a candidate for Alderman in Ward 3 has called on the U.S. Attorney General's Office as well as a Maryland Attorney's General's office to investigate this as a hate crime and as a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

I am disappointed that in 2009 there are factions within Annapolis that insist on engaging and bringing this type of racist and hate filled activity into our City Elections.”  "Such hateful language can very quickly lead to violence" said Alderman Candidate Scott Bowling. We, as a community, must seek out the originators of these hateful statements and turn them over to authorities.  "There is no place in any City, State or society for such hateful and abusive language."

“I denounce such activities and hope that my opponent as well as the leadership of both political parties would do so as well; there is no room for hatred, bigotry or this type of politics in Annapolis.” Bowling said

"My campaign has focused since day one on the issues of fiscal responsibility, transparency and a professional, council-manager form of government, and bringing a new perspective and common sense approach to City government.   I have run a credible and respectful campaign; a campaign that offers the voters of Ward 3 a clear choice.  I am hopeful that the citizens of Annapolis and Ward 3 will rise above such a blatant attempt to prey on people's ethnic, racial, and religious fears."

Scott Bowling
Candidate for Alderman, Ward 3
City of Annapolis

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laura townsend said...

Those flyers are utter garbage. Scott would make a wonderful alderman. He has capably demonstrated that he has the interests of ALL Annapolitans at heart.

As for the vile homophobic comments, I'd like to state that the local GOP - long vilified as exclusionary by Democrats - has welcomed Scott with open arms. Guess the Dems 'diversity' rhetoric doesn't include gays, lesbians and the like?

And, for the Democrats to have any credibility when slamming Republicans for excluding African-Amercans, they must first credibly denounce the hate-mongering illustated by the 'vote black' sentiments of the same flyer. You should vote based on experience and ability, regardless of race, black or white.

I'm a member of the GOP and I'm proud top call Scott Bowling and his partner Dave my friends.

Anonymous said...

In Eye on Annapolis, someone has posted a defense of the hateful flyer circulated about Scott Bowling. They used the ficticious name of Robert McWillumms. Cowards and idiots seldom use their real name.

Scott Bowling is not in my ward, so I can't vote for him. But, he is a man of great integrity and knowledge. He would be a tremendous assett to the City Council. I urge the voters in his ward to rally against these sick flyers and the failure of Alderwoman Hoyle to speak out against their circulation. Get out there and vote for Scott Bowling!

Bob McWilliams

Alex Pline said...

I know it's impossible to decouple politics from this because it happened in a political context, but it is important to note that this extremist behavior transcends political parties. We need to condemn the behavior period. Framing it in the political context of D v. R just dilutes the message of how wrong this behavior is.

Paul Foer said...

I think you are correct, but it is, none the less, incumbent upon Democratic leaders to strongly condemn this. Kory Blake of the County Central Committee has done so, Josh Cohen has done so, and City Chair Nick Berry has done so...after a little reluctance and prodding and explaining why it was important for him to do so. Interestingly, Ms Hoyle aka "Sister Classie", the intended recipient of some sort of benefit from this piece, does not seem to think it requires any kind of response on her part. Perhaps this evening we may be able to judge if there was some kind of response from voters.

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