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Friday, November 13, 2009

Why I Recommend Living Health Chiropractic

I am feeling good. I don't have any back or neck pain and I can actually sit at the computer without hurting. This is all thanks to Living Health Chiropractic www.mylivinghealth.com . Yep-this may sound like a shameless advertorial, but it's really an honest testimonial. I had become resigned to living a life of low-level aches and pains and did not know how to cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery. Living Health Chiropractic has helped relieve me, yours truly, CP, from all kinds of aches and pains including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I had been to a neurologist, orthopedic specialists, massage therapists and even got acupuncture treatments (which were great but did not quite do it...) and wore a brace at night but the sharp and debilitating pains and numbness in my left arm were making it difficult just to type at the keyboard. Then I met Dr. Tom Chaney at a home improvement show-of all places. He encouraged me to come in for two complimentary initial visits, including x-rays and an evaluation.

Then we got down to business. Dr. Tom and his wife Dr. Steph sent me to Dr. Trevor and Dr. Adam. Dr. Trevor recommended that I wear a small insert in my left shoe to make up for a slightly shorter left leg. Then came spinal adjustments, some serious muscle manipulation, traction, exercises and then ahhhhh....the hydra bed. After each visit, I'd get to lie down on this heated, water-massage bed and wow, is it nice. zzzzzzzzzzzzz....The adjustments and traction were not easy and sometimes it was uncomfortable and even hurt. But one day, my Carpal Tunnel symptoms and my chronic neck and back pains started to just disappear. Here I am after fifty some visits (yep-it can take that long) and I can say, without any reservation, that I highly recommend Living Health Chiropractic. I am feeling good. But they can also help with weight loss and other physical and nutritional issues besides just back and neck problems.

What I did is preferable to surgery--and it worked...and cost less.

So that's my shameless advertorial. Yes of course Living Health advertises here but I and my insurance company pay the full rate at Living Health. I receive no special treatment. Well, every time I go there for treatment I feel that I am treated special, but no different than any other customer.  Click on the ad to the left for Living Health or call them at 410-216-9180 and tell them that Annapolis Capital Punishment sent you. Remember, the first two visits are complimentary with no obligation. They are located at the intersection of Forest Dr. and Chinquapin.

VISIT www.mylivinghealth.com

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