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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

City Customer Waiting Shelters at Bus Stops Finally Get Cleared

They are not bus shelters. Buildings fo sheltering buses are garages. Please do not call these structures for patrons of our bus system "bus shelters." Okay? Thank you.

It seems that the folks at the Transportation Department were unaware that the responsibility for removing snow from the city's bus customer shelters was that of the contractor that owns the shelters. However, it took an email from CP to City Administrator Doug Smith and other city officials to make this in clear a channel of in by Clear Channel, the contractor.

Ad revenue from the shelters paid for their installation and though the city derives some revenue, the key goal was to serve the transit system's customers at almost no expense to the city government. In the massive President's Day snowstorm of 1993, shelters were quickly and completely cleared just after the storm ended. This time it took your truly to inform the folks at the transportation department who seemed, well I am only guessing, but who seemed clueless. Thanks to Smith for getting Clear Channel to get on this.

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