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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Is A Racist Remark?....it's a good question...and this answer might surprise you

In today's Washington Post, columnist Courtland Milloy explains what separates a racist remark from what he describes as a "distraction."  Milloy writes:

When everybody is labeled a racist, then nobody is a racist. When we habitally cry wolf, we risk not being able to recognize one when it actually shows up.

He takes former US Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) to task for what he said recently at The National Tea Party Convention about why President Obama was elected. Scary stuff indeed.

The Post writes that "Milloy's column began in 1983 and deals primarily with issues that affect the lives of African Americans. He works to keeps our eyes on the prize – a better city for all its people."

There are important lessons in Milloy's column today for Annapolitans as we strive to make a better city for all of our people here and there are plenty of readers as well as certain elected officials, civic activists and even a blogger or two who might want to read this by visiting www.washingtonpost.com .

 (Oh--and to the ignorant bigot who is sending me the hateful and disgusting comments, why are you so afraid to identify yourself?  And you think we don't know who you are anyhow? If you are trying to upset me, I am not going to let that happen, so my advice is to identify yourself, or shut up)

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