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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CP Gives Thumbs Up To Home Of The Week...This Week

In the wake of the scathing and snarky post mortem I performed on a recent Capital's Home of The Week for which I knew I would get grief--and I did get grief--I am now trying to make amends by saying how much I enjoyed this HOTW piece on...ta dum...the Annapolis Coast Guard Station. As a former Coast Guard Auxiliarist who has received training, performed missions and stood radio watch at the station, I liked this HOTW. I've been in touch with the guardians of the coast in the hopes of doing a column about the station's activities so I read this week's peak into the busy little SAR station(as in search and rescue, not the Hong Kong disease...) and enjoyed the photos.

And I will say again, the HOTW is a well written and popular column. Were it not, would I have snarked the last one? Remember, MAD magazine only spoofs movies that are popular. Would mel Brooks have made "Space Balls" if nobody knew Star Wars? What good would it do to spoof something that nobody knows??? So spoofing something is an admission of the subject being important and well known.

You know what they say, Semper Paratus!  Check out HOTW at

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