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Thursday, February 25, 2010

If You Are Having Trouble Sleeping...Watch City Council

The conduct of deliberative bodies can be fascinating...or excruciating. The February 22 City Council meeting, at least the first thirty minutes, was a real snoozer, unless you are an expert on Parliamentary procedures or Robert's Rules of Order (proably the revised edition). What was quite interesting was that Ward Six Alderman Kenny Kirby's attempt to change procedure to hold a hearing on, well, it's complicated--perhaps needlessly so, but it had to do with downtown liquor licenses....well you can watch it all on the city's web-site.

Basically, Kirby read a prepared statement (viewers can reach their own conclusions about how it was prepared or who prepared it) and when he had to explain his position in his own words and was met with procedural and legal arguments against his motion (or was it an amendment to a motion to amend a motion??)  he essentially claimed that the snowstorm (remember--where he was out shoveling Main Street ad saving the entire city from being blown up?) was an Act of God that delayed a hearing and that if Governor O'Malley were there, he would allow his amendment AND then finally, at  about 16 minutes and 40 seconds in to the entire go-around said, "Then we have to change the charter."

As if. Whatever. Uh yeah...

Okay. Watch it for yourself (I dare you) at:

(City Council meetings, February  22)

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