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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Huh? No Credit Cards At Garages?

I should have known.

There is no excuse. I rarely drive downtown and even rarer do I use a parking garage, but while at a City Hall meeting, I decided to get my sticker that allows city residents to use garages for free for up to two hours. Now, personally I am not even sure I like that idea, because it encourages us to drive downtown, and I'd much rather see free bus service--universal free bus service, and yes, I of all people should have known this BUT...I came out of Gott's Court after attending a Judiciary Committee hearing and WHOA!!...they don't take credit cards and I  just barely had enough cash to pay the bill and get out. Huh? The parking garages of the State Capital of Maryland don't take credit cards? Okay, I'll say it again--I should have known....but seriously folks, we're talking about putting cameras up all over town and....well, maybe we need to work on this.

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Alex Pline said...

Doh! No doubt would be one implementation aspect of one of the Transportation and Parking Idea Team recommendations:

"Issue RFP for a contractor to install a Parking Access and Revenue Control System for Hillman, Gotts Court, and Knighton Garages"

Which sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Paul Foer said...

Yep that's why I said I should have known...

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