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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chuck Weikel Thought He Was Going to Die on Plane Flight in New Zealand

The following story was recently brought to my attention and concerns local citizen activist Chuck Weikel whose plane had to make an emergency landing recently in New Zealand because a door was not secured. As the plane was experiencing this trouble, the noted local activist wondered to himself:  "So this is where I'm going to die, in a bay in New Zealand, what will the folks back home think?"
Yes, what would the folks back home be thinking? Well, I think I have a pretty good idea what the folks here would have thought had Mr. Weikel not have been able to return to Annapolis. 

 "American visitor Chuck Weikel describes the drama as the plane he was heading to Whangarei in had to make an emergency landing." (photo from The Northern Advocate of New Zealand)

Let us all be thankful that Mr. Weikel was not harmed and will soon return to Annapolis to carry on his important business. Read about it here:

Just one question. If a resident of the Annapolis Historic District dies abroad, does he have to be brought home in a wooden casket or would a fiberglass one be acceptable?

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