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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Myths About Our Health Care

The following was brought to my attention by loyal reader, Alan Hamerstrom, for whom we are grateful. I urge you to read this short and clear article about our health care "system" by TR Reid of The Washington Post. And to anyone who tries to scare you about "Obamacare" or about "death panels" just consider how insurance companies who deny care and coverage already act as "death panels".

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Unknown said...

Better article to read.

The health care reform may or may not be the right answer, but the problem is they have the wrong question.

Anonymous said...

read the article you linked to.
I would agree with the assessment of the author. However, I don't believe that "obama care" would ever match that of Japan, Britain, France or Canada. The insurance companies have to much leverage in this area.
And as you know, in America, greed usually wins out over common sense.


Paul Foer said...

Peter and Daryl

Thanks to you both for responding. Please fully identify yourselves for future comments...or write a guest editorial!

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