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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Elections Again! Team 30-The ABC Team Is On the Move

Last night's Team 30 announcement and reception at Eastport's Annapolis Maritime Museum was a positive shot in the arm for House Speaker Mike Busch, Delegate Virginia Clagett and Senator John Astle, whose combined tenures in public service adds up to...hmm...lemme see...I can't count that high. They represent  long-term stability, Democratic values, and constituent service over many decades. Not only is Busch the Speaker of course, but Astle and Clagett have a fair amount of seniority and stature in the State House.
If voters think our state is in good shape and Maryland is on solid footing, then so are these candidacies. If you believe in the power of incumbency and long term service, vote for them. However, if you are generally not happy with our state of affairs...well look out. Despite rumbling that they are vulnerable and that their challengers are fired up and firing up the voters, I am not so sure. They represent a fairly diverese district with solid Democratic strongholds as well as areas with strong Republican leanings. People tend to love Busch or disdain him. Environmentalists rally around Clagett while Astle represents a moderate wing of the long dominant party. And they did mention Judd Legum quite favorably, although until the filing deadline and if no other Democrats step forward, he will not officially become part of the "ABCL" team.
With Republicans Herb McMillan and Seth Howard running for delegate and Ron Elfenbein trying to unseat Astle, we are going to be in for a great ride in District 30. So, what do you say? Is big activist government with core Democratic values and stable leadership the problem or is smaller government, lower taxes, fewer programs and core Republican values the way to go?

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