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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson Was In Not So Rare Form Last Night

Unfortunately it is what we have come to expect.....Her arrogance, denial of culpability and her inability to break out of her bigger and bigger tax and spend government narrative all showed through at last night's City Council hearing.  First she took Annapolitans for a Better Community to task for their brochure about imminent tax increases if the budget does not get cut down. Well, Alderwoman, at least we know where that came from! Where were you when filthy, nasty, disgusting and racist and homophobic literaure was being distributed anonymously for the sole purpose of misleading voters, intimidating voters and to destroy candidates? Where were you? You benefitted from that, or at least agreed with those messages or perhaps were even involved with them??? You did not speak out then, so why this all of a sudden? As if it were not bad enough that she took CAO Doug Smith to task for his "tone" when he calmly explained the orgins of our financial mess, she sided with former and disgraced Mayor Moyer, voted for the horrendous and debt-increasing budget that is coming to an end next month, is unable to understand that government jobs are not sacred and that job cuts must occur or taxes must go up. We do not want more taxation to run a bloated government. She just does not get it as she sits up there smugly and arrogantly like a spoiled child not getting her way. Watch it all at and go to COATV, or City of Annapolis TV for the Council meeting of May 24.   The bottom line now is whether 100 enraged citizens representing thousands more who are speaking out against further tax increases will translate into enough votes to present a budget that is balanced by cutting wasteful spending rather than by forcing taxpayers to bail it out. It's a pretty good guess where Finlayson, Hoyle and Kirby will want this to go. They love bigger and bigger government and more and more taxes regardless of the outcome. They do not seem to understand who will be hurt by such increases. Will Cohen exercise the leadership needed to make the hard decisions? Where will Pfeiffer and Silverman go with their votes?


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Randy Landis said...

I, too, was surprised at Sheila's hostility last night.

Our City's financial problem is the same as federal, state and county governments. Revenues are way down and the bureaucracies are not flexible enough to quickly respond.

There are real and philosophical differences regarding the approach we take to remedy the problem. There is no need to demonize those with other opinions.

Stanford Erickson said...

Alderwoman Finlayson is one of the chief architects for the fiscal problems facing the city.

Rather than apologizing and learning from this, she is digging in her high heels and pouting.

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