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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chuck Ferrar To Announce Re-Election Candidacy for County Council

(from a news release...)

County Councilman for the Sixth District ,Charles "Chuck" Ferrar will announce his candidacy for re-election on Wednesday, May 19 at a fund raising event at his home. The guest speaker will be Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland.
Councilman Ferrar will continue to focus his energies on balancing the budget by reducing waste and duplication. Mr. Ferrar noted, "We need to look at the efficiency of having the county perform non-educational functions for both the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and the Anne Arundel Community College".

Mr. Ferrar noted that ,"We need to lead by example in cutting the budget and I have already proposed legislation that will cut benefits for County Councilmen".
Another area of concern for Councilman Ferrar is the readiness of graduating seniors to either enter college or to have the skills for a good paying job." As a small businessmen, I am concerned with the readiness of graduating seniors".

Councilman Ferrar is very concerned about the shortage of workforce housing noting that the subject has been studied enough, saying "We have enough information- what we are lacking is the political will and a champion - it is unacceptable that we can't provide affordable housing opportunities for our teachers, firemen, nurses and other in our workforce". 

With regards to the environment, Councilman Ferrar will fight for vigorous enforcement of the laws on the book and to make sure that the County is in compliance. "It is embarrassing, that the County continues to have millions of gallons of raw sewage dumped into our streams because of malfunctioning pumping stations".

Councilman Ferrar will continue using his office to bring stakeholders together to attract good paying green jobs while at the same time improving our environment.

For further information Contact Eric Edstrom at 410-268-0727

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