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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 Elections Again

Chris Trumbauer Kicks Off Campaign for County Council and Announces Prominent Endorsements

(Most of this is compiled from the campaign news release. My comments follow the release)

Democrat Chris Trumbauer officially kicked off his campaign for Anne Arundel County Council District 6 and  was officially endorsed by Attorney General Doug Gansler and Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen, both of whom spoke at the event.

Trumbauer warned that the next council will face some difficult decisions and have to make some hard choices. “Ask yourself who can best look out for the interests of the voters in our District and not the special interests that will be trying to influence these decisions,” said Trumbauer. “Look at my history of volunteerism, civic service, community leadership – this is what I am all about and this is why I will always do what’s best for the residents of District 6.”


Elected Officials
Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler
Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen
Annapolis Alderman Kenny Kirby
Annapolis Alderman Mat Silverman
Annapolis Alderman Ian Pfeiffer
Former State Senator Gerald Winegrad
Former Annapolis Alderman Carl Snowden

Civic and Community Leaders
William and Barbara Mouldon, Sherwood Forest
Stephen Barry, Coordinator of Outdoor Education for AA County Public Schools
Jess Pachler, former premier, Maritime Republic of Eastport
Howard Ernst, noted Chesapeake Bay author
Suzanne Pogell, CEO of Womanship, member of President Clinton’s Women’s Business Council

For more information, please visit http://www.christrumbauer.com/
Well, all this was to be expected I suppose but also shows that his campaign, though getting a late start, is gaining momentum. The close involvement of Mayor Cohen and other top Democrats who also supported Cohen is of no great surprise. However, it is still the primary, and most officials, including Democrats, are usually loathe to endorse in a contested primary. I find it most unusual that Kirby, Pfeiffer and Silverman endorsed. What good could it possibly do them politically? Or are they doing it for a political reason?  Well of course they are, but...I dunno! Or are they doing it becausre they genuinely prefer Trumbauer over the incumbent Ferrar? And when you get down to it, who cares who endorses whom? Should we? I think it is all the long arm of the Cohen machine, but if Kirby endorsed, why not his close Council allies--Finlayson and Hoyle?   This is Cohen's old seat, and Trumbauer was Cohen's campaign treasurer--and is still listed as such. Is that even legal? I don't know. His campaign appears to be orchestrated by local political powerhouse and Cohen's manager Kathy Nieberding--who was also Moyer's campaign manager.
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