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Friday, June 11, 2010

Frederick Delegate Bartlett Uses General Assembly Housing Allowance to "Purchase Space" On His Annapolis Girlfriend Katharine Hopkins

Now here is a story that is sure to titillate. According to the Gazette newspapers, "A state delegate from Frederick County said he is rethinking a housing rental arrangement in which the state paid his girlfriend $30,000 over three years while the General Assembly was in session. Del. Joseph R. Bartlett (R-Dist. 4) of Middletown acknowledged this week that he has stayed with his girlfriend in her Annapolis home at taxpayers' expense during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 sessions of the General Assembly."

Hmmm.   Hmmm. Bartlett is rethinking and I'm thinking too. Now what might possibly be wrong about this? Well for starters, during the periods in our lives when we have boyfriends or girlfriends, do we normally pay to stay at their homes? Isn't that usually called something else, such as, well maybe, ummm....I dunno--prostitution? So, this lady, Katharine Hopkins, was getting $120 per day from we the taxpayers. Bartlett may be entitled to such funds, but is this appropriate? It just raises too many red flags, too many questions, approaches and crosses too many lines....but it gets worse.

According to the news report, Bartlett said:

I can see where there'd be a question, but ultimately the state pays us to purchase space," said Bartlett, a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative who has signed the American Tax Reform's tax protection pledge every year since taking office in 1999 to "oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes."

"I can state that I haven't benefited one dollar," he said.
So, was he just "purchasing space"? And where exactly was that space located? Ohh....don't go there! Does he not think that taxpayers might be upset by such an arrangement? So, did Ms. or Miss Hopkins take Bartlett on a four week cruise to Hawaii with the proceeds that we the people allowed this fiscal conservative to give to her...with favors attached? If I ever run into this fellow Bartlett, I may have to gag or wash my hands.....More ammo for the throw the bums out fever sweeping America and maybe Maryland too.
On second thought, maybe I should run for delegate. Being a nearby resident, could I pay myself the $120 per diem to stay in my own home? Yeah, that's all happens in The House of Delicates.........come to Annapolis and visit the House of Delicates, where you will be treated royally, all at taxpayer expense! Whether you are a tax and spender or a fiscal conservative, you'll be treated the very best at The House of Delicates. Our staff of lovely ladies will entertain you in their own private spaces. You can quickly make use of your space and get back to vote on those important bills to spend the taxpayer's money.


See it here.

Well....I suppose it could be worse. At least he was not driving drunk.....
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Dick Lahn said...

Better yet they can both stay at your house then you get taxpayer money and everyone wins with taxpayers supporting: a delegate, another Md resident, an Eastport family, and the media + free speech. Dick Lahn

P. Houston said...

You meant to say "was not caught driving drunk".

Paul Foer said...

I'm gonna have to ruminate on that one...I'm too busy working to pay the taxes on my home...

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