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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Virginia Newspaper Provides Yet Another Example Of A "Chilling" Effect on Freedom Of The Press....

Journalist Rhonda Simmons of the Culpeper Star-Exponent--and her editors could use a lesson in basic journalism. That story after these words from our sponsor.......Okay. We're baaack. Nevermind the fact that  yesterday CBS News Anchor Bob Schieffer said that bloggers and blogging (as in all bloggers and all blogging) don't have editors and therefore don't tell the truth, we now turn our attention to a recent news story that, well maybe it's the exception that proves the rule. I dunno.

Anyhow, a 71 year-old Arizonan named Al Slusser  (well maybe he was 64 and from New Mexico, but who cares?) began walking across the USA on Oct. 1, 2009 starting in the Pacific Ocean in San Diego. OK. That city is on that ocean. So good so far. But then, this newspaper all the way across the country in Virginia, which may or may not be on the Chesapeake Bay, said that Slusser concluded his trip "on Aug. 13, as he dipped his toes in the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Annapolis, Md."

Chilly waters? Atlantic Ocean in Annapolis, MD? Back to J school and basic geography for Ms. Simmons and her editors, who by the way, not only should have known better, they could have looked at a map. But the chilly waters part cracks me up. I've been swimming in those "chilly waters" all this summer and every summer since about 19 something or other and I've been in the Atlantic Ocean in July and August this year and every summer also since that same time, and I can tell you that the Bay is soupy warm and that there ocean, well it's a might chilly, even in August.  So I went to the official source, known as NOAA or The National Atmospheric And Oceanic Administration which said that between August 1-15, the average water temperature is 78 degrees at Annapolis and at Ocean City, MD 71 degrees.

So, what say ye Ms. Simmons and ye editors? Geeze, what's next if they can't get that straight???? Hey- everyone makes mistakes but these are basic, simple, indisputable, irrefutable and easily discernible and verifiable facts. And to think--they actually get paid to write that stuff and then here I am...ohh nevermind.
I'll go stick my head in those chilly waters.......

Another example of a chilling effect on freedom of the press....Read it and weep at http://www2.starexponent.com/news/2010/aug/23/coast-coast-mission-completed-ar-467057/

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