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Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Information From Delegate Tony McConkey Can Be....interesting

(Note: corrected from a previous edition in which I named McCnkey as both plaintiff and defendat. He is the defendant. Thanks to the anonymous writer--but why remain anonymous?) The caller at 11:07 this morning asked if this was Paul Foer. I replied "It might be. Who is calling?" Click. The caller hung up. I traced the call to 410 544 0957 which belonged to Nancy, John or Kenneth Wiswall or Susan Dill of Cypress Creek Rd. in Severna Park. I knew that Delegate Tony McConkey also lived on the same road. I called the number back within minutes and got a recording that it was the office of Tony McConkey for Delegate!!!!

I had been trying to reach McConkey (R-31) for information about a recently filed lawsuit in which he and his wife are defendants. Apparently it's a contract dispute between him and John William Hall of Annapolis and I've been trying to reach the plaintiff and his attorney as well but without success. I wrote an email to McConkey and received this reply:

I am in the real estate business. I have landlord/tenant cases frequently. I would be happy to discuss any public issues with you. Tony

Sent via BlackBerry by AT

I did get a hold of McConkey later that morning who admitted he had called, but blamed me for the mix up, saying he thought I was "playing a game of grabass". Grabass? He then asked if I answer the phone that way normally. I asked him if he normally hangs up when people ask who is calling. The conversation went downhill when he asked, "Are you going to call me every time there is a lawsuit?"

I don't know. How often is there a lawsuit against him?
This was all about the fact that McConkey is a real estate agent and investor and is the defendant in a lawsuit over a contract filed in Anne Arundel District Court on September 2 for $3500 brought by a John William Hall of Annapolis.   When I finally got McConkey to provide some information he said it was due to a lawful eviction at a property he owns on Poplar Drive in Riva. He claims the defendant is a convicted pedophile whose neighbors cheered when he was evicted. Maybe so, but McConkey still could not understand why I was interested in the case. All I wanted was his side of the story but if McConkey thinks that being a pedophile is so important to this case because it comes down to credibility, why is he so incensed that a report thinks that being a party to a lawsuit is important to the credibility of a delegate? There is a John William Hall listed on the Maryland Court records as having been convicted for assault and at there is a man of that name at that address as having been convicted of a sexual assault on a minor.

But that's not the point-is it? However, in fairness to McConkey, while I cannot find corroborating information, we'll just have to take his word that it was a legal eviction and the plaintiff is unhappy about how it all turned out so he sues the landlord for what, for return of security deposit?

However, McConkey is no stranger to the legal system and voluntarily disbarred himself in 1995 for misappropriation of funds. See:

Lawyer Tells Court: A member (Tony McConkey) of the House of Delegates makes his living violating the laws he passes


Pearls of Wisdom from Tony McConkey
While he was being convicted in a court in Maryland for violating a law he helped to write, Delegate Tony McConkey was at the GOP Convention in Minneapolis/St Paul. There, he and other folks took umbrage at media coverage concerning Sarah Palin's unborn Bast, er I mean illegitimate grandchild...or fetus...depending on where you stand.

McConkey says he stands for lower taxes and reducing the size of the government, defending our 2nd Amendment rights, and protecting the rights of the unborn.

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Unknown said...

So if one disbars themselves because they have broken the law, they are then appointed to the Judiciary Committee. Gotta wonder about the criteria for selection in our state legislature.

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