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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Overzealous Republicans Going All-Out for Asti...

Why? Not because she is the most experienced or most qualified to be a judge but because she is a Republican--at least in registration--and only in the last few years. This is about as absurdly partisan as it can get. Some zealous and hyper-partisan Republicans are furiously sending out emails urging their pals to vote for Asti...and apparently only because she is a registered R and her opponents are registered D's--and let's not forget that this is for the supposedly "justice is blind" position of court judge. I took Mayor Cohen to task for getting involved, although his plea was nowhere near as vociferous or strident, but it's wrong, wrong wrong--and worse, some of these hyper-Republican emails are referring to this blog in their  attempts to bolster support for Asti!  That's all I'm going to say, but people, please, take it down a notch or two. The party affiliation of these candidates for judges should not matter--but--and I say this as a big but  (no-not as a big butt--but maybe that too).

These hyper-Republicans never met a Republic an they did not like and never met a Democrat they did like.

 VOTE FOR WHO IS MOST QUALIFIED TO BE A JUDGE......Many lawyers and many good lawyers
 will not necessarily make good judges. You want to really look at their background and experience and ask if experience in being a prosecutor, in handling trials and court cases, in being a clerk to a judge is more important than having simply been a good lawyer or a good mediator--which by the way, is about avoiding a trial--but judges are about presiding at trials. Forget party affiliation when you make your choice.

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Allen Furth said...


ITs been a while since I've said anything... But, I'd like to chime in on this one. There are several reasons that I voted for Alison Asti:

1) For me the most important reason this year is because over the past several years Governor O'Malley has completely subverted the process with a number of his appointments. Therefore, I view this vote, in part, as a protest vote to the Governor.

2) There are several sitting judges whom the voters would rather see removed (I won't name names, but I'm sure many know who they are). Unfortunately for the judges up for election today it is because of those judges that there is a backlash to alot of incumbent judges.

3) As I noted to Alison Asti a while back, her best campaign issue this year is likely the fact that she is female. (She wasn't particularly excited to hear that 'by accident of birth' she is a more 'attractive' candidate than another.) But, in my opinion the two female candiates will garner the most votes. (BTW, my counter argument to Ms. Asti is that if not 'by accident of birth' she could have been the Queen of England.)

4) I can only hope that in future elections some of the afore unmentioned judges will come up for a re-election vote. Then you will see a rush to vote them out.

Paul Foer said...

So you are going to vote for a particular judge in protest of the governor? This kind of twisted logic proves the point of my post. What about the issue of qualification?

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