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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roosevelt Did Go On Television!

Well, to be fair, I don't just poke fun at Palin. I did a piece about some silly stuff Biden said. But about these charges that he said President Roosevelt went on tv during the 1929 Stock Market crash. Well, the truth is that Roosevelt was President in 1929 and he did go on television to speak to the anxious nation. I think. I just don't remember if it was Abraham, or George Roosevelt. He said something like "We have nothing to spread but fear itself."

Here is a picture of President Roosevelt Franklin from one of his many television appearances from the popular television show Sesame Wall Street. (After I learned it was not George or Abraham Roosevelt, but Roosevelt Franklin)

At least I did see the video about it on Youtube...somewhere....stay tuned. I'll find it. Just keep paying attention to Palin and I'll get back to you to prove that what Biden said was true...just give me time...and don't believe Jon Stewart's take on the so-called Biden gaffe, he's just a shill for the liberal, elitist's a tough job but somebody has gotta do it.

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