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Sunday, September 28, 2008

October 3--A Big Day for Movie Satires

On October 3, Michael Moore is going to get skewered by David Zucker. Ya gotta love it--no matter what your political perspective may be. I personally find Moore to be offensive in many respects, although his films are important because they stretch our thinking about world events...and maybe stretch our imagination, and Moore's as well. He is pompous and arrogant, but then he is a counterbalance to the even more incessant and pompous and arrogant right wing bullhorns of hate on talk radio.

When Moore questions our love affair with guns and what the Bush Crime Family had to do with 9-11, he asks tough questions that need to be asked. I think he is a bad messenger with an often important message. But he can take the insults and the roasting Zucker is going to give him. In a sense, satirizing him makes him bigger than he already is...and he is big, in more ways than one. It's a form of flattery, like when hyperconservative bloggers make fun of CP.

If you can put up with the slapstick and the face slapping and punching, try to enjoy the trailer at: american carol/

Also up, coincidentally on October 3 is Bill Maher's new satire about faith called "Religulous" ...as in ridiculous. In a previous post, an angry reader compared CP to Bill Maher, unwittingly giving me a great compliment. Maher-Foer

See about the movie at:

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