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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Energy and Andy Harris...and campaigning

Interested in energy issues? You may wish to attend the Energy is Everything 2008 Voters Education and Candidate Forum: A Forum on the Health, Environmental, Economic, and National Security Implications of Federal Energy Policy. October 14, 7 pm, Broadneck High School 1265 Green Holly Dr.. Sponsored by the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, the forum will feature First District Congressional Candidates Andy Harris (R) and Frank Kratovil (D). The First District comprises the Eastern Shore and a sliver of Anne Arundel County adjacent to Annapolis and including Broadneck.

CP has never met Mr. Kratovil, a prosecutor, but I have met Harris, a Maryland Senator, once in his office and once while watching him in his Senate committee on a global warming topic. He is a very intelligent medical doctor and he has deeply held religious and profoundly conservative political convictions. He ran a rather unsavory campaign to unseat incumbent Wayne Gilchrest, a man I met many times and admire. Gilchrest, a staunch environmentalist and decorated Marine, originally supported the Bush War on Iraq and then came to oppose the war. I know from a personal conversation with Gilchrest before the war started in 2003 that he was as misled and deceived by Bush as was much of the rest of America.

So, back to Harris. Take a good look at his extremist voting record, his scurrilous primary campaign against Gilchrest and just taste the tone of his rhetoric in this campaign. Here are just a few excerpts from his news releases:

From a release entitled Kratovil Campaigns with his Liberal Friend: Campaigning with "Uncle Steny" shows Kratovil's true liberal colors we read that "Liberal Washington Democrats are funneling thousands of dollars to Frank Kratovil because Frank Kratovil supports their liberal values. Kratovil supports liberal policies of raising taxes, increasing wasteful government spending, giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, and implementing universal socialized medicine. Frank Kratovil will be a lapdog of the liberal Washington Democrats." Yeah he really said "Uncle Steny" in a news release.

And regarding Sarah Palin, "Throughout her career, Governor Palin has put principle above party by exposing corruption at all levels of government. Governor Sarah Palin has a long record of opposing wasteful spending and higher taxes. " That does not appear to be an example of putting principle above party. If they both get elected, they'll probably pray together in the Oval Office. Oy! Of course if Harris gets elected, what chance do you think he'll have to accomplish much as a Hoyer-hating member of the minority party in Congress?

Most of his statements and ads and releases are just attacks on liberals, liberal thinking and politically correct politicians. He has taken negative campaigning to new lows. It's one thing to be profoundly conservative; it's another thing to make "liberal" into a dirty, shameful word.
As for his thoughts on energy, he pretty much repeats the worn mantra of drill, drill drill.

More mud slinging at his opponent--"The reason Kratovil is trying to have an extreme makeover in his first ad is because he knows voters in the first district won't embrace his radical liberal Washington agenda."

Radical liberal Washington agenda? Whew, something stinks around here and I think it's Andy Harris. I wonder what Jesus would think of his words and action? I recall seeing a bust of Christ the Lord in his senate office, so he must be watching the senator.

The tone of Kratovil's campaign and rhetoric appear to be much more circumspect and respectful than that of Harris, but check it out for yourself:

Kratovil at kratovil

Harris at
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David Leudemann said...

Speaking of being misled, I read the first paragraph of your post with interest as energy independence in a sustainable fashion is very high on my issues list.

Unfortunately, the tone of your post, and many others of late, reeks of the stuff that has most concerned citizens so skeptical of virtually every bit of information coming from television, radio, print and online sources. Too slanted, too negative, too obvious, too difficult to really trust.

I respect and admire your views and the time that you put into your blog. I invite you to use your talent to make a real difference. There must be a way to present valid fact and points of view in a manner that is less diviciv. The times call for change indeed yet most of what I hear is politics as usual....

Paul Foer said...

Thank you. You bring up a lot of points. The title of that specific post was indeed slightly misleading, and I apologize for that, but it was mainly to promote the upcoming candidate's forum on energy. That 1st district campaign is focused on the Eastern Shore, but here is a local event with a global interest--sort of the theme of CP. I disagree about the tone, as it is Andy Harris and not me that is "too slanted, too negative, too obvious, too difficult to really trust" and not me. I am providing information and leading readers to his and his opponent's website. You will note that I try to treat both parties with equal skepticism and irreverence on the local level, however, as others have noted, I have become quite heated in expressing my disgust with the failed excesses of the Republican dominated gov't on the national and global level, and especially that of the Bush Crime Syndicate and now the GOP's slide into irrelevant extremism with their vp choice. There is a month left in this critical national election so it affects all of us and I cover it.
I beg to differ that what I do is politics as usual. It is anything but that. Did you read the post about "Democratic Unity"? You suggest I am being divisive, but I I try to do the opposite. I do report when politicians are being divisive--and these days, Republicans are the masters of that while claiming the other side promotes class warfare. Please!
I could go on and on but my motive is to get people interested, concerned and activated. I absolutely have a style and I have a slant and this is a blog of opinion, interpretation and analysis. Some like it. Some don't. I don't try to please all people or worry about having everyone like me. Certain politicians try to do that and therefore deliver politics as usual. Not my style, nor do I have the time or resources to engage in gathering and substantiating a mass of factual details, interview people etc. to do straight reporting but I try to stay informed, open-minded and be a cautious and skeptical observer and interpreter. Would you prefer that I be like BBC or the Wall Street Journal or Fox News or CNN and PRETEND to be producing "normative" fair, supposedly-objective and balanced news?

I welcome and publish criticism about what I do, invite others to contribute, often write very positive things and promote and support community events and activities. Speaking of energy independence, have you not read the dozens of posts on transportation, global warming, peak oil and related issues? My message on that has been consistent and clear. IN terms of relating it to Harris and Kratovil, I think I show that Harris is truly the negative divisive candidate by using his own words. I described him accurately and as said above, provided both web-sites for you and others to see for yourself.
I invite you to write and to speak to me about your interest in energy independence, which as I have said repeatedly here, begins with drastically curtailing private automobile use.
Oh by the way, I do this for free. If you and others believe this service is worthwhile, then think about that. All your other sources of news which you feel are important, come with a price tag. You are a banker. You understand that. Thank you for writing and perhaps we'll see you at Ahh Coffee later this am?? Coming on foot...or via car?

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