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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Annapolis Democratic Mayoral Nominee Zina Pierre Used Former President Bill Clinton For "Robocall" That Violated City Law

L'Affaire Pierre continues.....The "robocall" that embattled Annapolis Democratic Mayoral Candidate Zina Pierre used with the recorded voice of former President Bill Clinton, her past employer, apparently violated Annapolis City Code by not providing an authority line or the name of her campaign treasurer. The 42-second recording which was automatically sent to the homes of many Annapolis voters in September has also remained on the candidate's web site for weeks 

However, while there is an authority line on the web-site where the audio file is placed, the required information was not included on the calls automatically transmitted to the homes of Annapolis voters. This has been confirmed by the "robocall" recording which was left on my personal answering machine as well as that of one other Annapolis resident. (We have kept recordings taken directly from the Pierre web-site in case it is removed by the campaign)

According to Annapolis City Code:
4.44.140  Advertising.
A person, candidate, campaign manager, treasurer, partisan organization or political committee, including political clubs, or party committee may not expend any money for printing, publication or broadcasting of any political matter whatsoever, unless the matter purports on its face to be paid political advertisement and printed, published or broadcast by authority of the person, campaign manager or treasurer for the named candidate, partisan organization, party committee or political committee, including political clubs.
(Prior code § 7A-135)
This is what Pierre's web-site says next to the audio file:
Yes, that really is Bill Clinton making calls on behalf of Zina Pierre who formerly served as special assistant to the President for intergovernmental affairs and as his liaison to the Nation's local governments.
This is just the latest and perhaps most egregious twist in a campaign already fraught with bizarre episodes and controversy, aided in no small part by the candidate's own unwillingness to speak directly to the voters until Wednesday, September 23. This seemingly minor act of negligence might have been dismissed had it not been the voice of a former president and yet another example of  sloppiness and mismanagement of the campaign raising further questions about the candidate's ability to lead. Just three days after clinching the Democratic nomination in an upset victory, it was learned that Ms. Pierre had been a defendant in 18 different court cases in Maryland for offenses that included a state tax lien, foreclosure on her home, traffic violations and failure to appear. That same evening, she suddenly announced she was exiting the race. The next day, she then reversed herself and re-entered the race. Soon after that, other questions began to arise about her legal residency and it remains unclear as to whether she will withdraw--again.

Pierre, who has been silent since her flip-flop, will hold a press conference at the Loews Hotel, 126 West Street, at 4 pm on Wednesday, September 23.


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