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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More on L'Affaire Pierre...The Case of the Missing Disbursements....And Checks?

On 8-24-09 the disbursements for Zina Pierre's campaign finance report (due September 9) begins with check number 1055 in the amount of $4735 for IQ Associates of Baltimore, MD. While we do not know what this was for, it was possibly for the Bill Clinton "robocalls." However, in the previous finance report, which was due on August 18, we see the last check disbursement, check number 1029, was for $300.00 on 5-21-09.  Apparently, this would mean that two things occurred. One, there were no checks written for a three month period during the height of a contested campaign AND check numbers 1030 through 1054 are missing.

One explanation for the second item is that the treasurer mistakenly skipped an entire booklet of checks, which the number sequence would appear to indicate. However, how could there not have been any disbursements for those three months? How could a booklet of missing checks have been merely coincidental and in sync with the end of one reporting period and the beginning of another?  The Pierre campaign could easily answer all these questions by providing their check statements.

Checks 1038 through 1042 do in fact appear in the second finance report, but completely out of order, in between higher checks posted earlier and yet higher checks posted later, but 1043 through 1054 are still missing. Is this just sloppiness? That in and of itself would be suspicious, but the big question is how could there not have been checks written for three months during the height of the campaign?

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