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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yet More On L'Affaire Pierre....

L'Affaire Pierre....wuddyathinkboutthat??? The name was suggested by a friend in the news business outside of Annapolis. I think it's kinda cool....L'Affaire Pierre. My local investigative source, which I assure readers is a retired Annapolis resident with an interest in the whole affair and nothing more, has sent me more news. This stuff is coming to me unsolicited:

"I want to report that I did make a trip to the AACo Board of Elections office in Glen Burnie and came away with the following: (1) Zina Pierre became a registered voter in Council District 6, Precinct 15 in September 2007 (roughly from Hilltop Ln to Forest between Spa and Tyler); (2) she subsequently (date not available to me) became a registered voter in 6-03 (West St to Forest between Chinquapin Round and Solomon's Island); (3) on 11/4/08 she voted at the 6-03 polling place. The AACo map of districts and precincts is at

I'm disappointed that AACo wouldn't show me ZP's addresses during the above events so I could see that these precincts are entirely within the City. However, I think it's fair to conclude that she has been a registered voter in the City since at least 9/07. The important remaining question is whether she has been a legitimately registered voter here during that time. I'll leave that to others.

Her candidate's file at the City Board of Elections disclosed that she leased 1901 McGuckian #231 on 4/15/07 and describes it as "Rental (full-time residency) current use".

Also, the file includes a copy of her MD driver's license, which was issued on 3/6/09 and shows her McGuckian address.

It has been suggested to me that someone should look into the Prince George's County voter rolls and see if Ms. Pierre has also maintained voter status there and has been voting there as well....Any takers?

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