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Friday, December 11, 2009

This Just In From City Hall....Read It and Weep...

If this ain't business as usual..what is? Let's see the change in tone and everything else Mayor Cohen....This is really starting off on the wrong positions? Contract positions?
Positions for friends and campaign helpers?? Come on...we expect better...


Annapolis, MD (12-11-09) – Mayor Josh Cohen announced his next round
of appointments this week, focusing on grants, overseeing the city’s
boards and commissions and organizing special events. Two of the three
appointments fill existing positions while the third is a new position.

Mr. Cohen has appointed Lyn Farrow Collins to the new position of
Grants Coordinator. This full-time role is responsible for identifying
funding opportunities, coordinating grant application, reporting and
record-keeping, and establishing more accountability for the City-issued

Ms. Farrow Collins has broad experience in fund development. She worked
most recently as a resource development manager for The Maryland
Mentoring Partnership. She has also worked in the public and private
sectors in marketing, communications and public relations. Ms. Farrow
Collins earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from
Widener University and a master’s of science in business from Johns
Hopkins University.

“We have identified a need for better coordination and efficiencies
within our grants processes,” said Tim Elliott, Director of Finance.
“The Grants Coordinator will better position the City to strengthen
our real revenue needs to help with looming budget shortfalls.”

Mayor Cohen has named Jenelle Murph as the new Special Projects and
Events Coordinator, a full-time position previously held by Karen
Engelke. This position is responsible for coordinating most
city-sponsored events as well as overseeing the permitting process for
events such as parades, walks and festivals. Ms. Murph previously worked
as an event and marketing coordinator and performed sales work in the
pharmaceutical industry. Ms. Murph received a bachelor’s degree in
marketing from Morgan State University and an MBA from the University of
Maryland, University College.

Mr. Cohen has also appointed Hilary Raftovich as the Boards and
Commissions Coordinator, a part-time position previously held by Jim
Clark. This position is responsible for identifying vacancies and
recommending appointments for the city’s 33 boards and commissions
which advise the city on matters ranging from transportation and
recreation to aging and the environment. Ms. Raftovich has lived in the
Annapolis area for the past 14 years and previously owned a restaurant
and catering business. She earned a bachelor’s in American Studies
from Evergreen State College in Washington State.

All three positions are contractual and report to Gail Smith, Director
of Services.

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Ted Anderson said...

As Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri said to Tony Soprano “To the victor goes the spoils!”

Paul Foer said...

That may be one way to look at it...but it does not make everything right...

Anonymous said...

I recall at one of your sip n blogs that Cohen said that if elected he would call for the resignation of EVERY department head immediately. He said he would not accept them all, but he said he would ask for them all. Has he done that?

Paul Foer said...

You do huh? You were there? But you won't identify yourself?

Anonymous said...


I believe it is accurate that Cohen said he would call for resignation of all department heads. I seem to recall hearing it at the Maryland Hall debate, and it may have also been part of his Capital interview.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

Mayor Cohen did say it at Sip N' Blog because we pressed him on it. My point was why would an anonymous writer have to say it if he or she was there? Our Thursday group knows how I feel about anonymous letters--as should every reader. Thanks for the note (but even though you sign it as Bob McWilliams, you should register with Google too...)

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