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Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Elections Again--Candidates in Council District 7 Are Worlds Apart

The differences between the two candidates running for the County Council's Seventh District could hardly be more different. While they are both businesmen and family men, one is a longtime community volunteer focused on community life while the other is a party activist with deep ideological concerns.

Democrat Torrey Jacobsen has been a Crofton resident for 20 years and is an insurance agent. A 2006 article in The Capital called him "A bulldog of a civic leader" saying that "As west county prepares for massive growth, he has positioned himself as a well-known, pugnacious leader."

He has sent out a letter to voters outlining his three core goals:

* Keeping taxes low
* Ensuring South County Stays Rural, endorsed by the Sierra Club
* 13th High School for Crofton

He adds, "My community efforts include improvements to several schools in the Crofton area includingArundel High School and Crofton Meadows Elementary. I was also instrumental in the successful construction of the Crofton Library and recognized as the Greater Crofton Council Citizen of the year." http://torreyjacobsen.com/index.html

His Republican opponent, Jerry Walker of Gambrills, has lived in Maryland since 1996. A business executive active in the Republican Party, he sums up his priorities as "STEP" saying "When you begin to WALK, you have to take a first STEP". They include S for Smaller, limited government; T for opposing tax increases; E is for the economy for which he says "We need elected officials who understand that the private sector creates jobs, not government, and that the best role for government is to get out of the way of business and let them do what they do best"; and P is for Personal Responsibility. Walker says "We need elected officials who believe that individuals should take responsibility for their actions."  Walker has a strong "Right to Life" or anti-abortion stance, believes every citizen should have the right to own a gun if they so desire and regarding immigration says "I will fight to make sure that Anne Arundel County is not on the list of sanctuary counties."

Of course, one might ask whether ideology and positions on gun rights, abortion and immigration are even all that relevant to local government. I've asked it before and I am still wondering.   http://www.jerrywalker.org/
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