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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Once Again, Capital's Eric Hartley Is Right On The Money...and on CP's Coat-tails

CP has called for a complete overhaul of our public housing "communities", as recently as Friday, March 21 writing, "We can throw money and resources at it but what we must do is discuss the long term transformation of public housing into something that is good for everyone and uplifts everyone. It cannot and must not remain anything like the way it has been for years. It only hurts those who live there and those who are affected by its negative aspects."

A couple of weeks ago, CP ran a poll on this topic, attracting some 55 respondents. Along comes The Capital's Eric Hartley, a columnist who has been mentioned and praised more than once at this blog, and whose writings have also been mentioned more than once for mirroring many things about which CP had already written. This time it is no different. In today's column, Hartley takes on our local public housing. His column is titled, Public housing needs overhaul, not a facelift and he says:

"Some people are talking about a radical solution: spreading subsidized housing throughout the city, rather than concentrating it in designated neighborhoods. There are a million questions to be answered about how it could happen. But the best argument for such an approach might be the simplest one: Nothing else has worked."

Maybe one day Eric will refer readers to one of CP's columns, or give CP some credit or at least acknowledge CP for writing repeatedly and consistently about local topics before he put pen to paper and published his column. Maybe.

Yet again, I shall refer readers to his column at www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2008/03_23-53/COL
and perhaps he'll do the same.....one day.....maybe....perhaps....could happen..who knows?


Anonymous said...

Quasi-privitization of public housing is way overdue in Annapolis. I worked on a similar hybrid housing program in Baltimore that relocated public housing residents into other areas of housing opportunity within the greater Baltimore area. Fair market rent payment schedules were utilized to pay housing subsidizes to private property owners. This program was administered by a private consulting firm and their contract has been twice renewed by Baltimore Housing. I feel that a similar approach needs to be undetaken in Annapolis. Also, there was a significant counseling element that assisted residents in making the transition to the private market.

Paul Foer said...

Thanks for your note John.....now, if only our mayor and other local leaders will take these suggestions seriously...your idea has go to be less costly and less injurious that throwing money at "security" problems...

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Paul. I enjoy reading your blog and felt compelled to comment on this issue.

A public-private housing program is certainly less costly than "security" as a portion of the initial funding would be derived from existing HUD subsidies to HACA. I think the Mayor must get creative here. If a hybrid program has worked in Baltimore, then why not try it in Annapolis? The problems are indeed similar in both cities. Or are we just too afraid of the unknown?

I can tell you that a curfew might look good on paper but does nothing in reality. One must consider the whole person (i.e. resident) when looking at public housing. In that regard, a curfew is woefully inadequate and is simply another barrier to stymie personal growth and proactivity.

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