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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did We Need Mat Silverman to Remind Us That Jim Conley's Troubles Make Him an Unworthy Candidate?

(It's like asking the voters if we can see the warts on the ends of their noses...) In the wake of information surfacing about Jim Conley's troubles, his opponent Mat Silverman decided to remind us of them. How could he have hoped to do any more damage to Conley after what was written in The Capital? I think Silverman should have assumed that most voters knew about Conley because of that, and rather than make an even bigger deal, he should have either ignored the issue or written a release highlighting his own positives. I will be posting about about Conley soon. Furthermore, the release was so unprofessional as to be embarrassing. This what he sent out (my comments in red):

Silverman Response to James Conley Financial Allegations (Why is it up to him to respond? And did he think it can possibly add anything? Can't he find a another way to get publicity? Maybe he could have told us more about himself. The ADCC already got their own piece out on him.)

ANNAPOLIS, M.D., (Annapolis is not a medical doctor but is a city in a state, thus it should be MD and not M.D.) October 9, 2009 - The Annapolis Capital (There is no Annapolis Capital .There is The Capital and it serves AA County) today outlined a number of financial allegations toward (allegations are about not toward) Republican aldermanic candidate James Conley’s financial past. These allegations, which stem from an alledged (He meant alleged.)  Ponzi scheme (Was it really a Ponzi Scheme? How does he know?) and unpaid mortgage payments to numerous unpaid creditor debts, provide an unclear  financial history (Did he mean a clear financial history? If it is unclear, why is he reporting on it?) of a candidate who is attempting to represent the best interests of Annapolis’ fifth ward. (That's The Fifth Ward--it is a proper noun and a political entity)

It is crucial that the constituents of the fifth ward (Fifth Ward!) take these discrepancies and Conley’s financial past into account when they decide who will be the best person to represent their political needs and quality of life (We do not vote so candidates can represent our quality of life but perhaps we do vote to protect and improve it so what did that mean?). As leaders, we understand (This release is coming from one person-yes, no? Who are the we? Who are the leaders? The ADCC) first hand that people can make mistakes when it comes to their personal finances. Unfortunately, these allegations go above and beyond what can be expected of our political leaders. (Now that's a cryptic and unclear sentence...how can allegations go beyond what can be expected???)We must elect leaders who are going to protect our best financial interests, (who are going to best protect...not protect our best as our financial interests are always our best interests)  and not force us to worry that our hard earned (hard-earned) tax dollars are being spent in frivolous and irresponsible ways.  (OKAY--we get the point about Conley--but think about it--what is the purpose of this entire release? He could have framed this in a positive light by telling us about himself, not digging in the knife. Of course Conley is questionable and he is done so you can stick a fork in him, but if you don't think today's article stuck the fork in him already, all  this did was twist it around--and to nobody's benefit. Did Silverman think we the voters are so stupid that we needed him to weigh in and tell us that Conley is bad for us?)

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